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10 Tips for a Memorable Yacht Party

  • 10 Tips for a Memorable Yacht Party

    Birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor(ette) parties, engagements, office celebrations--there are so many reasons to throw a yacht party that you could truly come up with excuses to party on a yacht just about any day of the year. A private yacht rental is the perfect way to turn an ordinary event into an exciting, engaging and above all memorable experience. But how do you ensure that your yacht charter party is truly memorable? Let’s take a closer look at 10 tips that will help you create the perfect party boat charter any day of the year.


    Tip #1: Know the guest list first

    Before you can start getting into the finer details of your party boat charter, ask yourself this: who is attending this event? Knowing the guest list for will help you narrow down details like themes, length, music, atmosphere, food and so much more. After all, an engagement party with your loved one and closest friends will have a wildly different vibe than a private party thrown for your best business clients. 


    Tip #2: Pick a theme

    You might be thinking “aren’t themes just for kids’ parties and Halloween?” But when we talk about party themes, we aren’t necessarily talking about something overly thematic, like a 1950s-themed birthday party or a Halloween-themed wedding. Although that is certainly an ideal option if you are looking for a more fun, out-there theme.

    A party theme can also be something like “an elegant evening” for a business client appreciation day that features elegant music, cuisine and dancing; or “summer” for a relaxing corporate event that incorporates bright summer colors and light summer foods. 

    Once you pick out the theme, you’ll be able to frame other options for your private yacht rental event around it. 


    Tip #3: Pick engaging activities

    Weddings, corporate events, Halloween parties, birthday celebrations--no matter what type of party boat charter you’re planning, you need to pick out some engaging activities. Engaging activities will have everyone joining in on the fun; they also help people create great memories of the event, which is exactly what you want with any private yacht rental party. You can consider activities such as dancing, games, wine tastings or even a movie night complete with cinematic decorations and snacks! 


    Tip #4: Encourage people to take photos

    It’s not uncommon for guests at any event to be a little too into their phones nowadays, but the key to a memorable yacht party is to strike a balance between encouraging people to take photos without staying glued to their phone for the entire party. To keep people off their phones, make sure your party is engaging and active. But don’t try to discourage photo-taking at all, since people will naturally want photos of the party to share. If you want to go the extra mile, create photo-ready areas with props or great back-drops; or just stick with the most beautiful backdrop of all: the ocean!


    Tip #5: Be prepared 

    Your yacht charter company will likely have some provisions, but if you want to be an excellent party host, make sure you come prepared with extras to keep your guests comfortable. These extras can include items like:

    • Sunscreen
    • Sunglasses
    • Portable phone chargers
    • Hats
    • Shrugs (cover-ups)

    It may not seem like much, but going the extra mile for your guests with these little “just in case” touches will definitely make a difference in your party’s overall reception.


    Tip #6: Utilize indoor and outdoor spaces

    Never waste the luxury of a private yacht rental by sticking to one space! You can maximize your party’s space and activities by encouraging both indoor and outdoor events and partying. 

    Indoors is perfect for big activities that involve all of your guests such as dancing on the dance floor, playing games or setting up a fantastic movie night. Outdoors is perfect for taking in the sea air, appreciating the view, seeing the beauty of city lights at night (if your party is in the evening); and of course… more dancing! 


    Tip #7: Pick the right playlist

    No party boat charter is complete without some great tunes. Even a corporate event can benefit from some background music! The trick to making sure your party is memorable for the right reasons is selecting the right playlist for the event. Is this a low key birthday party for someone who wants to relax and enjoy a few hours on the water? Then make sure to select appropriate low key tunes. Is your event a hopping anniversary party for your grandparents? Then the playlist should be stocked with their favorite jams. The right music makes the right mood… which makes for a memorable party!


    Tip #8: Know the yacht charter regulations

    If you want to hire a private yacht rental for your party, then you’ll need to know the yacht charter company’s regulations beforehand. These regulations can include maximum guest capacity, what types of activities you can plan, and so on. If you aren’t sure whether or not you can arrange a certain activity for your party, simply ask the company! They’ll be happy to walk you through what they can put together for your special party.


    Tip #9: Bring your own personal touches

    Even if the party boat charter company provides their own decor, you will definitely want to add some personal and custom touches to your event. What types of touches you add will definitely vary depending on the nature of the party. For instance, bringing handmade centerpieces for a wedding party can truly make the space more personal and memorable. For a corporate event, adding in personal touches related to the business can make it feel personalized for the clients or employees attending.


    Tip #10: Let loose--and have fun

    It can be overwhelming to plan a party on a private yacht rental, and that can sometimes make it hard for the party host to enjoy the event itself. If you want to make sure your party is truly memorable, you should always remember to take a deep breath and remind yourself to let loose, enjoy the ride, and have plenty of fun!

    If you’re ready for a memorable yacht party, start planning your private yacht rental event today!